​The DOG HORN is an easy to use push button small training tool that is capable of producing two unique sounds. The DOG HORN was developed with the help and guidance of animal trainers and safety specialists. In Training; one short blast gets the dog’s attention so a command can be given. In Deterring Attacks; the sound of the DOG HORN stops dogs in their tracks! As a disciplinary manner; using the DOG HORN can stop excessive barking, pulling when walking, or unwanted pet to pet confrontations.

The DOG HORN has been field tested to work by many municipalities nationwide for the safety of their meter readers. It’s also used and recommended by top Pet Trainers, Pet Hospitals, Doggy Daycares and Humane Societies. Furthermore, the US Postal Service has tested the DOG HORN and determined it to be a very effective tool in controlling dogs and wild animals. 

Warren Eckstein (Internationally known animal, pet expert and host of the nationally syndicated radio talk show “The Pet Show”) uses and recommends the DOG HORN to all his listeners. To quote Warren… the DOG HORN “could actually save your pet’s life!”

​Hector L. Hernandez is an Author, former law enforcement officer, speaker, police K-9 instructor. He has 30 years of experience training police dogs and all breeds of dogs aggressive or not. He is recognized as the foremost authority in the United States for dog bite prevention. Hector endorses the DOG HORN and has included it in his speeches and presentations across the USA and abroad.

The DOG HORN is not harmful to your pet, and gets results immediately! Unlike many other expensive and complicated training products that shock and spray, the DOG HORN is easy to use, economical and it really works!

Try the DOG HORN yourself, you'll be glad you did! It's The Next Best Thing To Man's Best Friend!TM